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Meet Our Team


Sammie Nadine

Equine Assisted Psychotherapist

Sammie  has been a helper for close to 20 years in both counselling and case management roles. She holds a Masters in Gestalt Psychotherapy and is registered as an Equine Assisted Psychotherapist. Sammie has a long list of extra training certifications which include but are not limited to solution focused best practice, interventions, trauma informed and a variety of other specialised training. Sammie has worked for both government and non government agencies in a vast range of specialties including drug and alcohol, mental health, domestic and family violence and sexual assault, homelessness, post release, family therapies, child protection and numerous others. 

Sammie is professional, experienced and also uses her life experience to offer a wholistic and empathetic therapy to all her clients in a number of platforms. Sammie has a complex trauma background and experienced her own healing with horses in her early teens and continues to own and be around horses today. Her personal journey is what created her interest in this unique therapy and in 2017, Sammie completed her Masters literature review on Equine Assisted Therapy which granted her the knowledge in researching all strains of the therapy, it’s history and practice today. Sammie also completed further training at the Equine Psychotherapy Institute and continues to stay up to day with trends, training and remain part of the strong network

Sammie truly loves and believes in the healing power of horses and is excited to be part of Eden Equines team. 

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