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About Us

Eden Equine was established in 2016 by Michael and Deborah. They have 3 children Meshi, Lily and Noa.

Their search for a rural property was driven by their combined love of animals,  both growing up in farming communities and finding a sanctuary to get away from the fast pace of Sydney.  Their youngest child had been diagnosed with a number of behavioral issues and after researching and trying various therapies their research led them to Equine Assisted Learning and Therapies.

Not long after purchasing Eden Equine, Michael and Deborah realised this would be the perfect space to share with other families and children would benefit from Equine Assisted Learning and Therapy.

Over the past three years Eden Equine has become home to a number of animals including horses, alpacas, donkeys, sheep, ponies, goats and our resident Pig Sir Russell Pigsley III from the RSPCA.  Both the animals and the children get much joy from interacting together.

We have hosted a number of Farm Days with non-profit organisations providing a structured day with fun activities including Equine Therapy to children suffering from trauma. 

Our dream was to build a farm where children who face daily struggles have the opportunity to experience the healing benefits of horses. Now our dream is slowly becoming a reality.

- Michael (Founder)

Noa is learning to ride.

He is pictured here with his pony Beau, and sister Lily riding Charlie.

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